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Teamworks Karting Experience

Birmingham Hall of Fame

DriverBest LapDate
1Aswaine B.22.124s20/11/2016
2Hakeem H.22.128s11/12/2016
3Aisha H.22.175s06/09/2016
4Lewis S.22.229s10/12/2016
5Cynthia T.22.243s13/10/2017
6Mercy W.22.268s17/09/2017
7Ana V.22.278s14/09/2016
8Ikram H.22.362s09/11/2016
9Joe N.22.376s27/08/2016
10Callista S.22.482s27/11/2016
11Fazal H.22.497s13/09/2016
12Vimal F.22.528s28/10/2017
13Paul K.22.533s30/09/2016
14Maruf D.22.534s21/08/2016
15Saeed K.22.553s13/09/2017

Halesowen Hall of Fame

DriverBest LapDate
1Tasnia B.21.103s19/04/2015
2Jarik Z.21.498s06/01/2019
3Ben B.21.568s09/06/2014
4Darnell D.21.605s23/06/2015
5Stuart P.21.626s28/03/2014
6Sean V.21.648s30/07/2014
7Jay S.21.666s26/09/2015
8Luke D.21.694s04/11/2018
9Harvey R.21.704s29/07/2017
10Leah J.21.752s12/08/2015
11Grant T.21.796s09/09/2013
12Matthew H.21.797s09/09/2013
13Tyron W.21.882s01/09/2013
14Grant T.21.919s16/09/2013
15Joe L.21.926s19/11/2017

Letchworth Hall of Fame

DriverBest LapDate
1Caroine P.20.970s26/01/2014
2Bill C.21.100s11/04/2014
3Ryan C.21.504s26/01/2014
4Ryan O.21.540s27/01/2014
5Tim K.21.540s22/03/2014
6Serena F.21.560s22/03/2014
7Dhiren K.21.570s29/12/2013
8Richard G.21.590s07/10/2013
9Callum R.21.590s14/10/2013
10Adrian T.21.590s18/11/2013
11Jason T.21.610s18/11/2013
12Luca P.21.630s20/02/2014
13Ronnie W.21.632s06/05/2014
14Alex C.21.690s27/01/2014
15Thomas B.21.710s28/12/2013

Reading Hall of Fame

DriverBest LapDate
1Dominic L.19.580s28/06/2014
2James M.19.590s26/04/2014
3Steven M.19.870s27/07/2014
4Patrick F.19.900s17/03/2014
5Matt C.19.930s03/03/2014
6Mark G.19.940s17/03/2014
7Mark G.19.940s21/07/2014
8Steven M.19.980s30/07/2014
9Z L.19.990s27/07/2014
10Mark G.20.000s24/02/2014
11Luca A.20.020s13/09/2014
12Charlie T.20.060s17/03/2014
13Martyn L.20.090s26/07/2014
14Bradley D.20.090s26/07/2014
15Seb D.20.100s04/08/2014

Northampton Hall of Fame

DriverBest LapDate
1Joe B.23.853s14/01/2019
2Joe B.24.073s26/11/2018
3Simon C.24.148s14/01/2019
4Alan S.24.186s14/01/2019
5Carl Y.24.197s14/01/2019
6Simon C.24.318s26/11/2018
7Alan S.24.372s26/11/2018
8Simon C.24.378s07/01/2019
9Kaleb M.24.401s10/12/2018
10Simon C.24.414s03/12/2018
11Alan S.24.422s07/01/2019
12Simon C.24.446s10/12/2018
13Simon C.24.482s23/11/2018
14Dave L.24.528s17/12/2018
15Oakley K.24.533s28/12/2018

Latest Times

DriverBest LapDate
1D C.30.695s17/01/2019
2Paul W.30.456s17/01/2019
3Nathan D.29.171s17/01/2019

Latest Times

DriverBest LapDate
1Jason E.22.265s17/01/2019
2Nathaniel E.23.617s17/01/2019
3Kevin E.23.414s17/01/2019

Latest Times

DriverBest LapDate
1Michael C.23.860s19/01/2015
2Joseph C.24.100s19/01/2015
3Simon R.24.410s19/01/2015

Latest Times

DriverBest LapDate
1Jody C.28.526s17/01/2019
2Ethan M.28.691s17/01/2019
3Chris W.31.485s17/01/2019

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